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Current release: V1.6

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PAL stands for Palmtop Application Library - it is a development library that targets the HP100LX and HP200LX palmtops and makes it possible to create applications that have the same look and feel as the built-in ones, but are plain DOS programs. No EXM tools or LHAPI skills required, full usage of ANSI C (language and library) permitted.

Dec 12, 1998: Note that V1.6 is probably the last version of PAL to be released. There have not been any contributions for a long time now, and unfortunately, I lack the time to add to the library myself or even take care of it, manage and organize additions.
I have decided to leave the current version available for anyone who wants to use it, right here. I'll also try to help you if you encounter problems. For the absolutely latest version, try the "sneak preview" link below.

You may want to examine or download the PAL Overview (30K) for a detailed overview of what PAL is and can do for you.

Note that the file is an excerpt of the full PAL documentation (in its HTML form) - second level links will therefore not work. The PAL archive has the complete documentation however. You can view it with the same browser that you are currently using to view this page, or with HV, an HTML viewer for the palmtop. (Created with PAL, of course !)

Here's the list of additions and improvements since V1.11.

The PAL V1.6 (480K) is also available in a king size version (1.44 MB) that includes precompiled libraries for Borland C, Turbo C, MS Quick C and Mix Power C, fully built HTML and Norton Guide documentation, precompiled utilities, and some precompiled samples.

For the adventurous, here's the PAL SRC tree sneak preview. You'll have to find out the differences and additions yourself ...

Enjoy !
Your PAL, Gilles Kohl.

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