VR and FCL download/registration

The CompuServe SWREG service was discontinued in 1999 - this is why I decided to make my FCL and VR programs available for download here, and offer a new registration alternative as well.

Download the last version of VR

Download the last version of FCL

The new registration alternative for both VR and FCL is simple - just buy a book - any book. No, you do not need to buy me a book - buy one for yourself. You'll need to buy it from Amazon.com though, either via this link, or by selecting one of the suggestions below. (Amazon will credit me 5% of your purchase that I can use to buy books for myself)

Don't know what book to get ? Here are a few suggestions

100/200LX Palmtops


Science Fiction

Philosophy ;-)

Finally, let me know of your purchase via email, and I'll send your registration code. (Mention your full name in the email. Note that you will need to get two books to register both FCL and VR)